I Can’t Wait!!!

I so can not wait until Thursday for the UK General Election! I love election days and I’m almost quivering to see if the Lib Dems are going to pick up more seats! It seems pretty certain, of course, the polls have been amazing. But, I don’t have any real sense of how things are going. I guess I should have kept in better touch with Chris & Chris. Constituencies that Joyce most cares about: Brent East (where I volunteered this summer) and Newbury (where I helped for the municipal elections in 2003). Both could be very close.

Plus, trusty C-SPAN is going to be picking up the BBC coverage, which just makes me so happy. Alas, dumb me scheduled a goodbye dinner with a professor right in the middle of their coverage. Hopefully, it will be early enough that I won’t miss anything great. But, still. I was looking forward to parking in front of the tv for four hours, since I’ll be done with school stuff officially, and being a complete political anorak.

But, I really wish I were there!


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