Sorry, everyone.

I guess the posting has been pretty sporatic since school finished. If anyone was still worried about the thesis, I finally turned it in. I ducked into the library, printed and handed it to Bob as we were lining up for Commencement. He asked if I wanted to hand it to him onstage, but I thought that it could get messy trying to juggle both the diploma and the thesis. But, I so would have if he’d been seated before I got to (President) Doug and the diploma. Don’t have any idea what he thinks of it. I didn’t think that it was the best thing I could have written because I know of lots of places where I cut corners or didn’t read everything available (Senate hearings, mostly). But, I guess it’s not bad. I’ll keep a copy, but I’m looking forward to writing something better next summer.

Since then, life has mostly involved working on packing the house.

I also got a job! Work is a good thing, I’ve decided. I’m going to be working for the state again, but a different branch than before. General office helper sort of thing, starting with code revision-ness. The original goal was to “immerse myself in a legal environment” before heading off to law school. (*nods and looks serious*) Now I’m still excited to be doing (at least some) brain-related work, getting paid for it, and getting to work in downtown Indy again. I love downtown & I’m excited to get to see some of my friends from past internships, now struggling under a change in administration.

Posting will still probably be sporatic, as I think I’m going to have to frequent coffeeshops in order to use the internets this summer.

That’s enough for now. My goal is to have my whole room packed before bed. And Buffy, Season 5 appeared today! Oh, the temptation.


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