Classes for the LSE

I can’t really think of anything to write about, hence the not-updating of this blog. Although, I am amused that someone came around in our office and distributed stickers with the American flag on them for Flag Day. This marks the first flag day that I have ever noticed in my life, then. And I feel a little weird wearing a flag sticker…which is so not me.

Instead, I think I’m going to use this space to try and figure out which modules I want to take at LSE next year. Yeah, there’s really nothing to do right now. From this list, I have to take Foundations and Key Issues in Human Rights, among the others I have to choose the equivilent of two units (the “H” ones are each half a unit, the others are one). I’d love to take more, but there’s going to be ton of reading, probably volunteer work (and not just for the Lib Dems), and continued attempts to learn to speak a second language).

(Ones in Black are still under consideration; Blue is a definite yes. Grey ones are a no)

+ Foundations and Key Issues in Human Rights (required)

+ AN439 Anthropology & Human Rights (H) (understandings of cultural relativism within a broader framework of social justice; relativism & “universal” rights)
+ AN406 Political and Legal Institutions (anthropological development of political & legal institutions)
+ AN407 Anthropology of Economic Institutions and Social Transformation (“The anthropological analysis of economic institutions cross-culturally and of their transformation as a result of their incorporation into a wider capitalist market and of state policies and development initiatives.”)

+ DV417 Global Civil Society (H) (classic theories of civil society, civil society in different cultural contexts and the relationship to war and sovereignty, actors of global civil society)
+ DV418 African Development (H) (political economy of African development, economic, anthropological and sociological approaches to examine African responses to social change)
+ DV420 Complex Emergencies (H) (The course looks at social, economic, psychological and political processes accompanying humanitarian disasters, at the effects of interventions, and at the prospects for peace.)

+ EU411 Ethnic Diversity and International Society (how states (well, all of Europe) deal with ethnic minorities, self-determination issues)

+ GV436 National and Ethnic Conflict Regulation (H) (basically, how to solve ethnic conflicts)
+ GV443 The State and Political Institutions in Latin America (H) (see course title)
+ GV465 Democracy & the Politics of Self-Determination (H) (relationship between the problem of national self-determination and prospects of democracy and democratisation in a cross-national, cross-regional framework)
+ GV4A7 Russia and the Post-Soviet States: Politics and Policy (democracy in post-soviet states)

+ IR405 Sovereignty, Rights & Justice (interesting, but it sounds a whole lot like the core class)
+ IR412 International Institutions III (development of the League of Nations & the UN)
+ IR422 Conflict and Peace Studies (*thinks PAGS and shudders, ew*)

+ LL409 Human Rights in the Developing World (application of global human rights standards through the national legal systems of post-colonial states with an emphasis upon the judicial application of constitutional bills of rights)
+ LL445 International Criminal Law (kinda what the title says it is)
+ LL452 The International Law of Armed Conflict and the Use of Force (again with the obvious titles; interesting, but not enough so when I only get to take two(-ish) classes)
+ LL453 The International Protection of Human Rights (maybe)
+ LL454 Human Rights of Women (considering my fascination with CEDAW….)
+ LL461 United Nations Law (if wonder if I haven’t already done a lot of this stuff….)
+ LL469 The Theory, History and Practice of Human Rights Law (H) (this one is less “pure” law and includes philosophy and history)
+ LL468 Law of Human Rights in the UK (H) (no)
+ LL475 Terrorism and the Rule of Law (part of me says no, but a big part says “this is going to be a pretty big human rights battle in the years to come)

+ SA4B4 Child Rights, Child Poverty & Development (important, but another victim to having to choose very carefully)

I’m going to publish this now, but mostly so I can look over it again in a non-html-infused way.



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