Two things.

On the LSE front (that no one else cares about), I’ve revised my proposed course list to include Human Rights of Women and International Law & the Protection of Refugees, Displaced Persons & Migrants. I’ll have to beg into the second one because it’s really only for LLM students, but hopefully I can manage. Yay.

Two other pieces of news, which are probably more exciting:
1) the people who own the office building in which I live had an “ice cream social” today. Or, they had Ben & Jerry’s (and other) ice creams on a stick in a conference room that everyone picked up and ate in their anti-social offices. But, still, I’m not going to complain when someone gives me free (and high quality) ice cream!

2) Europeans! No, I’ll explain. This weekend is Indianapolis’ F1 race, the US Grand Prix. So, we get Europeans. I was on my way to the City-County Building at lunch to re-register to vote and saw some prime targets sitting outside Starbucks, which reminded me to be Euro-watching. So, on the way back I tried to be more observant. Only a few, but I’m totally going to the mall tomorrow during lunch! This probably should excite me so much, considering that I’m moving to Europe for a year (or more) very soon, but it does. Sadly, a previously promised eurotrash watching party at our best approximation of a pub was cancelled.

3) I lied and there are three exciting things, because one happened when I got up and left for a moment. Someone cut the cows out of the box that the Ben & Jerry’s came in and taped them above my desk. This makes me deleriously happy and amused. (Because, as you may have noticed, it takes very little to amuse me.)


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