Some better news….

Alright, everyone that I tried to get in touch with is now accounted for. Many weren’t even in London today. But, thank goodness they’re all safe and for the internets, which let me send a bunch of e-mails as soon as I got into work this morning.

I think that lots of people (at least here in my office) are having a hard time putting the blasts into context. But,….

One of the blasts (the bus) was only two blocks or so from Friend’s House, where Earlham’s London program has classes. Another was just leaving the station nearest to my friend’s old flat on the Edgeware Rd and was on its way to Paddington, where I’d go if I wanted to take the train to Newbury (or meet someone coming from Newbury). And, King’s Cross is where you’d go if you wanted to catch the Hogwart’s Express (or go to Peterborough or Scotland). (Ed. I may HATE King’s Cross/St. Pancras as an underground station, but I certainly wouldn’t want anyone to blow it up!)

It’s been a weird day, because I’m feeling drained. Everyone else in my office is concerned, but still pretty indifferent. London feels far away, even to me, so I can’t necessarily blame them.

London friends: I’m glad you’re all ok.


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