The London bombings seem like they were a million years ago and a thousand miles away. We forget how powerful the media are to control our perceptions of current events and when no one continues to flip out, it all just seems to melt away. Hurrah for the stiff upper lip, I suppose. It did give me the chance to talk to some people whom I hadn’t heard from in awhile, which was nice.

I’m feeling really drained right now. Tricia’s cancer has stopped growing in her shoulder and hip (per surgery five weeks ago), but has spread to her brain. She had started having massive migranes and had a scan. I’m supposed to go to the first night of our stamp show tonight, but I really just want to go home, have some Joyce time, check in with the Blacks and do some running for the first blasted time this week. I think I’ll do that, on second thought.

I also need to finish Julesapunk’s present before she leaves for the bloody Peace Corps in FOUR DAYS! Ack. Must. Mail. Tomorrow. (Must. Finish. Tonight.) Also. Must. Get. Frame. For. Present.

Did I mention that I was tired?


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