People are still talking housing over on the LSE message board. I feel sorry, I really do, for the people who didn’t get an offer. I also keep compulsively checking my bank account to see if the deposit has been withdrawn.

One girl contacted LSE Accommodations about the process and this is what they told her:

All applications received before the deadline are given a random number. We then place all the applications in chronological order by random number. Following this we start at the top of the random numbers and begin to make offers. Thus those people who are lucky to be at the top will receive their first choice. We then keep making offers until we have no rooms left in the halls of residences to offer. If a student’s first choice has been offered we then offer their second choice and so on. The reason we do it like this and not first come first served is because not all LSE offers are sent at the same time and we do not feel it fair to offer those who got an offer early their first choice just because LSE sent them an offer early.

Can I suggest that this might just make up for the four years of Res. Life Hell at Earlham? It would appear that I got very lucky.


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