Potter VI

Well, the Harry Potter party was a success (in that I walked out of the Borders by 12:30am with two copies of Half-Blood Prince and a Buffy episode guide). I had intended to savour the book and really stretch out my reading, but this one is much more gripping, faster paced and shorter than the previous two have been. I won’t go into anything that could be considered a spoiler (because some people haven’t recieved their British versions in the mail yet), but I really liked this one. Many people on my LJ friends list seemed absolutely appalled and shocked at the ending, but I think it was obviously going to happen. Like with Cedric, the death itself is over quickly, but this time she gives the character a decent send-off. I also loved finally getting background. There are some interesting theories floating around the internets, but I’ll wait. Now I just have to wait until everyone who didn’t buy a book reads mine, so that I can read it again before I leave.

I spent most of Sunday in the house by myself, just cleaning my room. It sounds dumb, but I really enjoyed it. I like having time to myself every once in awhile. And I worked on the ECMUN bible stuff that continues to hang over my head. Two months from today, everyone!


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