So, this running kick…

I really hate to turn this into the “look how far I ran today” blog, but I’m kinda of doing it. You see, there’s just not a whole lot going on right now. I go to work, I edit stuff, I clean out the storage unit, I deal with the stress that’s building up at home right now and I wait to go to London.

But, I’d read in several, several places that one of the best preparations that a person could make for law school was to get used to the idea of exercise as a stress reliever. Last year wasn’t the healthiest for me and my family has a history of ill-health (both my father and his dad died of heart attacks). So, before I go to London I’m trying to get myself together. And that’s meant running, since I like the feeling of actually accomplishing something…like going somewhere. I’m less regular about doing other things, but I’m trying to run at least every other day (because sometimes the best way to get rid of achey legs is to give them a rest).

I don’t really have much of a goal right now, unless it’s to be able to run 3 miles straight. I’ve done two miles now twice (got up early this morning and went running, which was…nice) and I’m going to start building up next. You know, mailbox by mailbox.

My godsister Valerie has been really helpful, mostly because she tries to kick my bottom with lunges every time she visits (and is back on the 8th). My iPod has also been absolutely key. As a present, I bought it an armband this weekend, which has performed quite nicely now. 🙂

Thanks, I’ll try not to be annoying now.


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