My life is boring

We’re finally having another one of those slow weeks at work. After all summer, the code supplements are finally (almost) done and I’m not really going to be doing the editing stuff for the new bills. ‘Sides, it’s my last couple of days here. It’s been a good job, really, and I’m grateful to have had it. Plus, my co-workers have been great.

So, the London countdown continues to get closer and closer and my days are getting more and more filled as we go. I leave for my grandma’s house on Saturday and will be there until Wednesday. I’m doing the obligatory granddaughter thing, but it should be ok. I just hope that I’m not flipping out so much about the details of everything that I have to do when I get home that I can’t spend quality time with her and the rest of the random family that’s in the area. There’s loads of random family, since the only ones who really moved away were my mom and her brothers.

This weekend is also Sam’s first birthday party, which I’ll unfortunately miss. We took the little guy for his one-year-old photos on Saturday and they were a trip. Hee. His parents thought that he’d just stand still and have his photo taken. If we’ve learned one thing about Sammers, it’s that he loves to be in motion. He’s always going as fast as he can and if he’s not, well, then, he’s either eating, sleeping or completely zonked. It was still fun and there were some cute ones.

Unless I start going into the details of all the things I still have to do, then my life’s pretty darn boring right now. I’m ready for London and I’m not ready. I’m looking forward to all the new things that I’ll do both at school and in the city, but I’m sad about the things that I’ll miss here (Duchie’s show, ECMUN, etc.). I’m excited to see my British friends again and visit some of my Earlham friends at home, but I’m really sad to leave the people behind who have become my family over the past few years. I have a strong emotional attachment to my car, but I’m not at all sad about not buying gas for five years. I know that it “will all get done,” but I get hung up on all the details that need to be attended to beforehand.

So, I’m going to try not to get to stressy or bore anyone with details. Less than three weeks to go!


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