Don’t Mind My Moaning.

I reeeeeeeeeeally need to go to bed. But, it’s just past 2:30 this morning and I’m burdened with the knowledge that I’ve got loads of reading to get done. If I could just finish this one article, I’d be happy. There’s a book excerpt, too, but the photocopy that someone gave me only has every two pages on it (didn’t notice it was copied on both sides, eh?). That’s the reading for SO424 on Thursday, too, so I’ll try to do it by then. (And, for some reason I seem to be a week ahead (more or less) on all the reading for that class, even though I’m not, because everyone seems to be trying to get it done for the seminar held the next week, rather than for the lecture.) I-Law’s reading is going to kick my ass tomorrow if I don’t find some serious time to be reading…I think one of those articles is 80 pages long. Shite. But, there’s a lecture at 1:15, office hours to go to, a LIMUN meeting at 4 at SOAS (and, yeah, I don’t actually know where that is, other than Russell Square). I suspect that going to debate club this week might just be a bit of a pipe dream. On the other hand, I always feel charged afterwards…it’s like a brain workout. We’ll see.

I’m going to Lincoln this weekend for Lib Dem Youth & Student’s conference. It’s probably against my better judgement, but I’m really excited to see Ryan again and I’m reading for a break from London. This will, of course, be followed by Model UN at Oxford the next week. Eeeash. I wish I didn’t have such an overactive guilt complex sometimes. Or just a better work ethic. I’m going to have to start hiding my ethernet cable. Or does someone want to find a program whereby I can lock myself out of the internet for periods of time.

I also noticed that it’s 38 days until it’s time to retake the LSATs. Now that that date is approaching, I’m starting to wonder why I was so committed to retaking them. I’m not going to be some crazy person who spends 8 hours a day taking practice exams and reviewing them (although I acknowledge that it would probably help my scores) and I haven’t taken a class (which was my original reason for the retake). How much better will I really do? and where do I really want to go that didn’t already admit me with the old score (*waves at the WCL people*)? Maybe its just that law school feels really, really far away right now (both geographically and temporally) and so the whole process feels weird and slightly pointless. I’m also in an academic environment where people have already done their law degrees, so they’re not thinking about “going to law school” in the sense that we would as undergrads.

Other travel plans: Cambridge Model UN & a trip to Paris to see Muppet and the Earlhamites. (Note: saw the Muppet today on his way through London and I was so much happier for it!) Other ideas? I’ve discovered that train tickets around Britain are butt cheap if you plan in advance! Also, I now own a sleeping bag and am hoping to get my money’s worth out of it!

No more rants, back to that article!


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