Guy Fawkes Night

…was yesterday. There were great fireworks in Battersea Park, where I went with some of the others from my course. Also, a huge bonfire, but no burning of Guy Fawkes in effegy. I was saddened by this last point; how can you not burn Guy Fawkes, I ask?!? First of all, I was very much looking forward to the bad-assness associated with my first effegy burning. And, I know from a close reading of the assorted adventures of Paddington Bear that burning the Guy (especially if he’s wearing Mr. Curry’s old clothes) is absolutely essential!

I’ve heard that the fireworks on Bankside (shot off from Millenium Bridge) were also great. Which leads to the part of the story where I might be joining the College Democrats after all. Basically, here, it’s a bunch of cool Americans who hang out with each other. Given that half of my friends are already members, I might as well, right? Yup.

I’m not up for another extensive review but I went to the matinee performance of Pillars of the Community on Saturday (wanted to see Coram Boy again, but it would have involved missing the fireworks). It’s Ibsen and one of those talky-dramas that I protested against at the end of the last review. Silly me. It was also excellent! They kept the tension high throughout and made some great points about community, leadership, the role of women, and America (their word, not mine)/the promise of the New World that were just as relevant today as when Ibsen wrote them. The old gentleman who was behind me in the day seats line said that he was finished with Ibsen, “because everyone always has flaws and when you get to be my age they just seem too much like a biography of your own life.” I could sort of see his point, although very little of my life has looked like that so far. Anyway, excellent acting, odd set choices, and a crowd that made 60 seem young. Ahhh, that was a long line to turn in the hearing aid things as I left!

My main purpose in going on Saturday was to give myself a chance to take a practice LSAT all the way through (those suckers take a TON of time). Good results, I’d say. Didn’t get through all the Logic Games (le sigh), but rocked out with Reading Comp. and have made massive improvements in Logical Reasoning since the last time I took this test. Still can’t do the parallel logic ones to save my life, though. Blech. However, if I did as well as I did on Saturday, I’d be a happy camper. I’m signed up for a weekend course next Saturday and Sunday.

There are also secret plans in the works for the evening of November 30. They’re dorky and involve singing to a very special Englishman. Heh. Girl’s night out!!!


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