Awww, cwrap!

So, I went to see Coram Boy again and it was just as wonderful, although not quite as scary this time. Now I’ve got the Messiah stuck in my head and one of those funks whereby I wish I could sing/dance/act/be involved in theatre RIGHT NOW! I’m going to have to move back to London someday, if only for the National. In the meantime I sulk, so send me suggestions for getting out of it.

Also did work all day at NT. Gah, that one article took me hours. And I’ve got more to do now before a group meeting tomorrow. Oh, and I bought my tickets for Paris…then realized it might not have been my best idea ever. Ooops. Oh, well, there can’t be another two weeks of rioting, right? As the French are probably saying: le shit!


One Response to “Awww, cwrap!”

  1. Anonymous Says:


    I just stumbled across your page, but I’m one of the coram boy choir boys (the one with the ridiculous curly black hair, if that helps), and I’ve just come back from a show tonight.

    I’m glad you really enjoy it. I took a day off (naughty!) to actually see it in the flesh, plastic sheet and all and I was in awe.

    We need more hangings, live child births and Hallelujahs on the London stage!

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