Fingers crossed…

I’m not trying to get anyone’s hopes up too high, but I might have found a flat. It’s somewhere on Tower Bridge Road (which is fairly long, so I can’t be sure where the flat is, but is also less than a block west of me), which would mean getting to stay on the South Bank. This area’s got fantastic transportation links and I am unwilling to leave the South Bank (or even to move too far inland). Call me stubborn, but I’d rather stay in Butlers Wharf than move too far away from this area that I love. Of course, if someone wanted me to be closer to school and the National, I wouldn’t object….

Saw The Constant Gardener tonight with coursemates. Anyone (Diana) remember how I was after Hotel Rwanda? That’s seriously how some of them were after this movie. I was slightly bored and annoyed that they changed so many things from the book. Am I totally callous? Perhaps. I feel bad not being more affected, but I think that knowing it was a novelization really sort of ruined it. (Although Isadore said that everything was true later, and he’s worked in the areas of Kenya featured.) Afterwards people needed to debrief and we ended up trying to figure out what made us “special” from other people (which in some ways really reflects the smugness of human rights activists that Conor mentioned in his Hamlyn Lecture last week). Some of us could identify a trigger moment, others couldn’t. Me, I think it was getting to know people who had actually lived through things that had threatened their human rights, making me aware in a way that a girl from Indiana probably couldn’t have experienced herself. (Did that sentence make any sense?) It was nice to sit and chat, but in some ways I felt less human rightsy than everyone else and feel sort of like the POLS major amongst PAGS majors that I am at heart. Plus, some people are reading things for class that depress them because of the factual events they deal with. What a revalation! My readings are all theory, which I love, but I do forget that these things need to be applied. Or do they? I can understand how the “who cares if HR have a foundation; isn’t it enough to know that I think they exist” viewpoint makes so much sense to the people who will be doing HR work in the field, where theory doesn’t matter. Me, I still need more. Did I discuss Koskennemi’s view? Because I should if I haven’t already.

Finally, I did a practice LSAT today. Not so great. I bombed RC (the heck?) and one of the logical reasoning sections. They were the first two sections, so I wonder if it just took my brain awhile to get into it. Next time, I’ll warm up a little. I am happy to note that I rocked the games! Knock on wood, but I got through all but two of the questions in the 35 minutes (which is HUGE for me…I’d been getting about half to two-thirds done) and all of those were right! If only I can put together the whole package in a couple of weeks…. Wish me luck! Oh, and I poked around Paperchase for Duchie’s birthday present (she assures me that I don’t need to think of something other than their notebooks for presents) and found a little one for myself, for thoughts related to my dissertation. It’s this: The little one, but in black and with colored pages Obviously, I’m not telling what else I picked out. 😉 I love Paperchase. I wish they had stores in the US, but those of you who are massively jealous can also get their stuff at Border’s.


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