I guess its time for one of those posts. I’ve called my grandma and my godparents and my best friend (because her birthday is this weekend), but lots of other good things have happened that I think should be noted. And because tomorrow/today is thanksgiving! I’m still hoping that a pumpkin pie will materialize somehow, but I’m also off to France tomorrow to see the Earlham kids!

1) My review of Coram Boy is being published in next week’s edition of the LSE Beaver. Apparently there was some editing, so we shall see.

2) I was by-elected to be a Model UN Officer for the LSE United Nations society (we’re combined with the UK-UNYA branch). And the Beijing conference sounds like a better and better idea.

3) The plans for Duchie coming to visit are sounding firmer and firmer. Can I emphasize enough the YAAAAAY!!!ness of this? I miss my best friend!

4) I went tea shopping today at the tiny Twinings store on the Strand. I can’t believe that I hadn’t purchased any of my favorite vanilla tea before this! I also bought some loose tea, a tea strainer and rose tea in bags. And then I had to get a National Theatre mug from…the National Theatre. Juliana will be proud. She’s a tea snob and has issues with teabags.

5) Everyone sounded great in the phonecalls, especially grandma. My godparents are relived that this can be a happy holiday and Duchie’s (evil) cat is likely to hide under the beds upstairs all day tomorrow to get away from her young cousin.

6) I feel like I belong here. I’m so lucky to have had this opportunity (although, obviously, I would give it up in an instant for the alternative). I do miss my Mommy and Daddy, no matter how it seems.

7) I bought an orange for lunch today that was so big I couldn’t physically finish it. I really like that fruit stand right outside Temple Station and it seems to be the only way to ensure that I have fruits and/or vegetables in my diet.

8) My tutor liked the dissertation topic. By the end of our chat, I think he was even excited about it.

9) My International Criminal Law seminar is absolutely great! Its taught by a barrister [ed. shut up, Juliana!] who specializes in this area and he’s just really engaging and gets everyone involved in discussion. I asked one of my classmates later where she’d gone to law school and she asked me the same question. She seemed shocked that I’d know enough about law to keep up after only undergrad. I really liked that! Also, she went to Oberlin undergrad and had, therefore, heard of Earlham.

10) I might have a bank account someday soon. Then I can work on moving out!

I think that’s what I can think of right now. Must read about Rwanda. Le sigh.


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