Awesometastic news from London! My friends here have gotten engaged! Woot! This makes me happy. 🙂

And this only days after she told all of us about the pressure that they’ve been getting from all sides to get married and how it wasn’t going to be happening for years! Oh, the irony. 🙂 So, yes, the Churchill Housewives League did sing happy birthday to our very special man and then one of us moved a step closer to housewifeness. Anyway, yay! What a great end to the weekend, which also saw an Earlham visit from Paris.

I think it was the champagne, but I’m not feeling too inclined to type a great deal just now. Big news this week is the impending visit of my very best friend in the whole world and the seperate visit of a cool Earlham alumni. My review got published in The Beaver, but they both cut off the last paragraph and managed to leave off the byline. It becomes difficult to show one’s writing prowess off to the world when you can’t prove that you even wrote it. Speaking of which, the National’s other new show for the Olivier goes into previews tomorrow and I think I’m gonna skip sushi with the kids to go. And I’m slowly discovering new music, which I realize isn’t new at all, but what’s new is me being a fan. I know that Marjorie tried so hard with us in our British Music Class, but now I’m voluntarily listening to classicalish things. At the risk of sounding supremely dorky, I really like Elgar. And I have some very, very small opinions on such matters. I also really wanted that disc of the King’s College Boys Chorus at the market today, but didn’t have £5 on me. Booooo.


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