The Pairs

Ouch? What else can I say? The silver Chinese pair was mindblowing and they’re obviously miles ahead of the other two Chinese pairs. What was that last lift, fourth place Chinese pair? Ewwwww. Bad! Get some upper body strength! But, sigh, the Russians are still fantastic. And, when did they get taste in costuming? Amazing!

Why did I never notice the awfully ugliness of pairs spins before? And no one was holding their death spirals for very long.

And, finally, the best part of watching the Olympics on the Beeb (apart from the lack of commercial breaks and the fact that the prime time events are live)? NO DICK BUTTON! NO PEGGY FLEMMING! Woot! But, for the record, and I think only my mother would get this joke, Robin Cousins also has a thing for soft knees. *grins* But, then, when people (erm, fourth place Chinese pair, I’m still looking at you) either land throw jumps or come out of lifts like a sack of potatoes, we notice (even those of us who haven’t watched a skating competition (probably) since Salt Lake City)!

Also, the second US team’s guy used to skate at my first rink in Indianapolis. That was cool.

Sorry about the Olympic musings. I’m a bit of an ex-Olympics stamp collector/former figure skater/all around nerd and it sort of shows at times like these. You know, during the Olympics!


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