An Unexpected Surprise!

I had an e-mail this afternoon from my fabulous Earlham professors who are leading our London program asking me if I would like an extra ticket to see Royal Hunt of the Sun tonight. It was great! I’m sorry that I didn’t wind up seeing it with the friend that I had planned to see it with originally, but free is also fun. A bit long, but superb acting. The cartoonish characterizations of the Incas, did, at times (and especially in the first act) make me really uncomfortable. It was also a bit “bash you over the head with themes” at times and I think Schaffer must have had a laundry list: greed, check; religion, check; death, check; honor, check….he couldn’t seem to stick to just one. Erm, and I recognized one of the actors from a similarity in phrasings without a program and not from the first row. That’s just sad.

Still, I miss the National and need to get back in the habit of doing more than just study there.


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