Argh. I managed to wake up this morning with a hangover. Not because I’ve been drinking (geez, I can’t really even think of the last time that I did that. Oh, wait. Before the elections in Brent, when we were all sitting in the office stuffing envelopes), but because I didn’t drink enough water last night after my run. I’m such a doofus sometimes. Happily, though, I managed more than three miles (it turns out) in 36 minutes of running and three of walking in the middle. And I’m enjoying the fact that my legs are just an itty-bit more there today than they were yesterday.

I’ve also been smiling to myself lately, when I realize that there are things in my daily life that have been making me happy. For no good reason, they are:

1) Realizing that I like avacados.

2) The talking elevator in the LSE library that can’t talk properly. Think Marlee Matalin and you’ve got the right idea. The elevator for blind people sounds deaf. I love it! And, only one of the two does this. The other one has excellent language skillz.

3) Google maps pedometer. And the fact that the google satellite maps are really, really detailed for my area. There’s my house!

4) British melons! I know all the Hoosiers will protest that I can’t have found cantelope and honeydew better than is available at home, but OMG, they haven’t been eating melons from Tesco! They have different names, which I can’t remember, but there’s nothing like cutting into some strange melon (that even looks different) and going: “OOOOOh. I know what this is! We have these at home!” Better yet, they’re small. Like the size of a big grapefruit or a softball, which means that you actually can eat the whole thing as one person in about two servings! And you don’t lose anything at all on taste.


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  1. Lindsay Says:

    this google maps pedometer is one of the coolest things on the internet! I try and walk as much as possible and now I can figure out how much distance I actually cover!

    And yeah, the LSE library elevator couldnt talk properly when I was there either…

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