I’m a legend!

Yestereday was a sort of poopy day. I spent all of it trying to redo my resume and defrosting the freezer (while FREAKING out when I couldn’t get the fridge to come back on). But, I think the CV is now done and the fridge came back on its own accord (mysteriously right after I decided to eat a Magnum…that’s vanilla ice cream with a hard chocolate shell on a stick), so I feel better. Today, starts the new round of revisions.

I did have some luck when I finally managed to set up GoogleChat in iChat, so now I can use it at home and not just at school (Irma, are you paying attention). Consequently, I found my Muppet and talked to him in the first time since…France? Eeeks. He happily informed me that I have become a Model UN legend for the stunt that I pulled at the Lake Eire conference (LEIMUN) two years ago. Basically, the US was being a punk, out of character and completely unwilling to cooperate. (This was a 1991 simulation, in case anyone was wondering why uncooperativeness would be out of character for the US on the Security Council.) He was also planning to veto our resolution on the end of Gulf War (the heck?), so when he took too long on a smoke break and didn’t come back after unmoderated caucus, I moved that we enter voting procedures and essentially locked him out of the room (LEIMUN rules were really strict about would could enter or leave the room once voting procedures had started…no one but staff could come or go). We got in a bit of trouble over it and he was even worse than before, but the resolution passed. 🙂 Ahhh, the power of being able to use the rules.

Anyway, at Toronto this year, another delegate told Muppet this story (with some exaggeration, apparently) about some conference in Ohio and some girl from a Quaker college in Indiana locking the US out of a vote. He and his school hadn’t been at LEIMUN, so apparently, it’s been going ’round the North American grape vine. How awesome is that?!? *Feels smug*

Two days until Race for Life!


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