Uf, a somewhat successful day. Not perfect, because that would have involved me doing work on my dissertation. I think I’m going to spend all day reading tomorrow.

I did, however continue with my room redecorations, this time measuring, cutting and hanging the new panel curtain that I bought on Thursday night’s dreadful trip to IKEA. I had only a little trouble with the mounts (in that one of the old ones had been so badly painted on top of that there was no way to take out the screws and I just had to leave it) and used my new little saw to cut down the pipe. Still, it looks fantastic, as my main goal was to switch from red (v. bad for mood) to a nice, cheery aqua (which matches the blue tones in my new sheets…that was another project). And I’ve got one of those cords that winds it up and down, so my “winding” mechanism is no longer me climbing on a chair! Hurrah!

I also finished the first week of my new running training plan. I registered for a 10K on October 1. Which may have been silly, but I’m one of those people who needs a goal in order to stay motivated. I clearly think that I’m going to always have to have a race on the horizon, because it’s too easy to think “I’ll just run tomorrow” without a tangible goal to work for. “I’ll be fit!” doesn’t really do it for me, sadly, as that’s a bit harder to measure, at least in the short term. My roommate’s going to sign up, too, so we can train together! Yay! It’s another one of the Cancer Research races and will be on the grounds of Hampton Court Palace (CR’s all about the slightly gimicky races, so the fall 10K series happens at stately homes and palaces around the country).

Finally, I got a great decorated letter from Niger in the post today. She’d combined stickers to give me PIRATE TELETUBBIES! OMFG! Can you think of something more fun than Laa Laa with a sword and eyepatch? I’m only sad that I didn’t get the original envelope, which was returned to her from my old address. I might just have to have her send them another letter at good ol’ Butler’s Wharf, just for the postal history! *is sad*

Right, this lil’ pirate is off to bed. Cheers!


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  1. Jess Says:

    you still haven’t outgrown the teletubbies???? you worry me sometimes…

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