I’m pleased, of course, with the election results and acutally happy about the retaking of the Indiana House (NO MORE ICKY SPEAKER BOSMA!!! WOOOOOOT!!!). But, I’m not as excited as I would have thought. For some reason, I’m very…meh about it. Which is not what I would have expected, knowing me. I’m almost a little disappointed, knowing that I’m now going to get upset with Congressional Democrats (probably) for stomping on the things that I believe in, rather than the Republicans who I never expected anything else from in the first place. I think that my lack of enthusiasm is probably evidence of my general disappointment with the US political system in general; I was a whole lot more pumped with the outcome of the Brent Council elections and I don’t even live in the borough!

I am really, really proud of my friends who went and volunteered yesterday, though! Go you guys! And thanks Eli for the heads up about the good day in Louisville (KY-3) long before the great results started coming in!

Yesterday’s outcome still doesn’t make me want to move back any more than I did on Monday. Which is odd.


2 Responses to “Midterms”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    The real story is … you just really like Pat Bauer’s haircut! Something like that…


  2. Jess Says:

    yeah i can’t say that i’m not happy with the results. i just wish my vote had actually counted. the whole story is on my lj.

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