I am feeling motivated to write something because boy has started a blog and has been writing in it very religiously. Which I have not done for a very long time. But, then, my excuse is that at the moment I’m in Indiana-land and my life’s a bit dull. Unless you count playing with the cutest baby EVAR as dull!

No, my “sister” and her husband and 10-week-old baby have been visiting and we’ve been on baby and two-year-old (other nephew) duty. Say it with me now: awwwww! However, I am also very clear on the fact that I do not want children for a good long while. Yikes, they’re a ton of work. How do these 14-year-olds manage?

I also give thanks for the wonders of SkyPE, again. Transatlantic relations are so much easier with it, no matter which country I’m in at the time.

And, my list of foods to take back to England: fruit snacks, chunky soup (clam chowder), Kraft mac & cheese, a surprise for someone if he’s been a good boy (which I assume…yes), graham crackers, and tons of those Crystal Light individual sized drink mixes. Yay! Who knew that the grocery store was so expensive, because…ouch. But, I guess it’s a lot of convenience food. The variety still boggles my mind. Also the difference in the advertising on my shampoo from it’s same product bottle in the UK. This one promises that I will have a good hair day EVERY SINGLE day. My other bottle suggested that my hair would be residue free. Woo.

Finally, am feeling sluggish because running in the rain just didn’t seem like a good idea today.


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