I’m on my way home now, sitting, once again, in the wonderously wireless-equipped Charlotte airport. I found some great treats at the Indy airport, namely a black and blue “Indianapolis” t-shirt, that I think can serve as a cheap and not at all licensed city-support item for the Super Bowl. Because there was no way I was payiing $20 for a Colts shirt, a team that I’ve never cared about in my life. But, I love that people around the world are being forced to hear about my hometown for two weeks! I also found a copy of Andrew Stoner’s biography of Governor O’Bannon. Andrew was Deputy Press Secretary during at least one of my internships and I’m looking forward to learning more about my favorite governor. Also, there’s a list of everyone who worked for the O’Bannon administration and it’s both heartwhelming and nostalgia-inducing and very cool. I spent two summers interning in the Governor’s Office and worked with quite a number of the people on that list.

Anyway, I had a WONDERFUL time in Indiana and especially at Earlham. I love that place and I love my friends there. The only thing that would have made it better would have been if Juliet & Juliana (and maybe even Diana) had been there, too. Then, it would have been just like old times. I wonder when I’ll get over leaving? I never thought I’d get over missing high school, but I did, eventually and the time came when I just stopped thinking about it.

As always, I’ll miss people here, but I’m also awfully excited to get back to London! It’s so much easier to leave ‘home’ when you’re also going ‘home.’


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