Well, le Boy’s watching the Wales-Scotland rugby match and I can’t bring myself to focus on a second match in a row. England just beat Italy in a VERY Dull match. Seriously. I fell asleep and the most exciting thing were all the shots of Princes William & Harry & Kate in the crowd. Which touched off a whole conversation about Harry’s parentage. As it would.

Last night we went to see An Oak Tree, a VERY Edinburgh theatre piece in which one of the actors is a guest star and has no idea what the play’s about or is going to happen. It was…slow? I think, as with some of the other stuff that we saw in Edinburgh, that it’s a more interesting exercise for the people performing than for the audience. But, I wonder if it’d be better or different with another second (or, really, first) actor? Thursday night was Sofie O…, the women who was in Hotel Rwanda. Ours was an actress who was in Markey Boy at the National. I think I was going to be disappointed by anyone who wasn’t David Tennant. It was also a very ‘Guardian’ reading audience. And we got cake afterwards.

I also met le Boy’s parents in an odd lunch. Survived, if nothing else.

BTW, my new internship is lovely. Between it, ECMUN, LIMUN and outreach sessions, I feel like I’m living in a little Model UN world. It’s nice in here.


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