What a lovely day!

Had a spot of shopping this morning with my dear boy, bought the rucksack I’d been planning to buy for quite some time, had a nice lunch along the Thames in Richmond (don’t get too excited, we bought sandwiches at Tesco) and was reminded at how much of London I would a) love to see and b) haven’t seen. Have decreed that the weekend after the elections is ‘explore posh bits of southwest London day.’

Then, it was off to the Quins match where they TROUNCED Sale 49-0 in the last match of the season (and a grudge match for the Quins against the side that sent them into relegation two years ago). Boy has decreed that I officially became a fan when I sorted my own ticket and was absolutely happy to sit by myself to watch, instead of with him. On the other hand, I was quite happy to take the unoccupied seat next to him for the second half, as it was in the shade. And, he bought me my very own Quins shirt as an anniversary present! For no good reason I am wearing it now. 🙂

Doctor Who was excellent tonight, if OTT on the cheesiness at times. Still, this episode was the first time that I’ve gotten chills from the Doctor since it was Ecclestone doing the acting. I was really impressed with Tennant, because he hasn’t always been overly successful in convincing me that he had a dark side. Martha did a good job too and I LOVE Dalek ‘acting’, which consists of slight movements of the eyestalk and mini-rotations of the ‘head’. When two of them had a ‘chat,’ I was dying with laughter (well, ok, I giggled). Errr, and then I defrosted the frozen-over seal of the freezer with a hair dryer. I am such a cool kid.


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