New title soon!

Le Blog will have a new title soon: JOYCE GOES TO SOUTH AFRICA!!!

Yes, it’s official (as soon as I ring up the Africa Placement Office); I’ve been invited to be an NGO Capacity Builder in South Africa with the Peace Corps. It’s absolutely perfect! There are a whole bunch of dorky reasons why that I can elaborate on at some point (economic & social rights in the Consititution and Athol Fugard being just two of them), but I’m just excited.

I didn’t actually realise how big a deal this was to me until I made my very first “Guess where I’m going” phone call to my beloved Juliet, on the home front in Niger, upon which I burst into tears. I suspect she understands. I just can’t believe that all of this is ready to happen. I applied to the Peace Corps in September, so we’re right at about eight months and I feel like I’ve been both working for this and waiting for it for so much longer. Of course, I’ve been thinking about Peace Corps for a lot longer than that and it’s helped so much to talk to PCVs and RPCVs. Still! EEEEEEEEEEEEE! South Africa!!! They have rugby! (Boy’s designated job is to help me figure out which team to support.) Wow.

After my trip to Norwich tomorrow (gotta squeeze in that pilgrimage to Earlham Hall) and a play tomorrow night, it’s down to the hard core packing. Bring it!


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