As always, I’ve been a little quiet…

This time it’s because of travel. I was at home for a little more than 12 hours between flying home from Cyprus and leaving for Kosovo. I’m still in Kosovo and am gradually getting sleepy after a long day of travelling back from Macedonia. And The Boy (who was gleeful at finally getting some stamps because we’re outside the EU) called me a passport whore. The nerve! Did I mention our ‘visit’ to Albania that didn’t actually involve us taking the long way around the immigration plaza?

It’s been fantastic and I am certainly not ready to face up to the reality of going back to London tomorrow and having to pack up and tidy up my life in preparation for returning to the US.

Also, Kosovo has lovely mountains. And Skopje’s a bit of dump, but has an AMAZING vegetarian restaurant. And the Boy and I have a great deal to write to Brandt guides about. Which are nice, because no one else does guides to this part of the world (well, except the Serbian tourism agency and they’re…biased), but lacking a bit for the independent traveller. Le sigh. Stream of conciousness. I’m going to grab the Boy so we can work on that now.


One Response to “As always, I’ve been a little quiet…”

  1. The Boy Says:

    Can I point out that it wasn’t my idea to walk to the Albanian side of the border just to get my passport stamped.

    Nor was I the one sat on the train to the airport working out how many more countries she had visted than Juliet now.

    Or for that matter the one who sulked on the way out of Macedonia because they didn’t stamp her passport and the entry stamp wasn’t struck very well!

    Just saying

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