I’m back in London ‘for good’ after all that galavanting around Cyprus and the Balkans. What a great set of trips, which I’m sure I’ll recap at some point soon.

Still, I just wanted to drop a note that the internet in the flat has died and I’m having to rely on coffee shops for the time being. Perhaps it’s good practice for South Africa which I’m clearly going to need. I was going NUTS yesterday. On the other hand, I spent a lot more time being productive and reading. There’s just so much to do! My flatmate has already gone back to Spain, which means I’m going to have to finish taking care of the little things she left behind and do all the cleaning. Arrrgh. I hate being the person who has to do the final details again, although at least this time it’s for a very, very good reason and I’m glad she’s back in Spain with her family.

I’m also excited about seeing a lot of my friends for what will probably be the last time in a long time. (The seeing them part, not the last time part.) I just can’t believe I’m leaving. I certainly don’t want to.


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