I know, I know, again with the hiding. I’ve been away and doing my best to heal my broken heart/jet lag with anti-social behavior. On the other hand, you really know who is your best friend when you’re in such a crappy mood that she’s pretty much the only person you want to hang out with and she constantly reminds you, in ways she probably doesn’t even notice, why you’re still best friends after all these years. Thanks, Duchiepoo. We’ve been doing lots of laughing together (Avast, ye cookie!) and attempting to put right the years-long losing record of her family card game.

I spent last week with my wonderful, adorable, perfect nephew Jerry-bear, my sister and her husband out in the middle of the Navajo Reservation in Arizona. Seriously, it shouldn’t be possible to live four hours from an airport, but it was great. I kind of loved being where no one could find me and nothing’s more fulfilling than the knowledge that you can take care of a child (and give his mom a break). Jerry had his first fever and was a total crankpot, but recovered nicely and has turned (quite literally before my eyes) into a little crawling explorer who couldn’t see enough of the world. I love watching him grow up and change and am super, super sad that he won’t be a baby and won’t remember me when I get back. We also spent some time tooling around Canyon de Chelle, the country’s second largest canyon system. Stunning! I loved the morning that we got up really early to hike the one public trail down to the 1000 year old Pueblo ruins before it got hot and while the light was interesting.

And after that, it’s been a series of serious shopping (so bored!), appointments and a short trip to Richmond to see one of my awesome Earlham professors and my guardian angel. Really, drive to Richmond is so short now! I can totally zone it out, especially now that the speed limit on I-70 is set to 70. Oh! And Duchie helped me with dress shopping! Tomorrow I’m off to Chicago after another PACKED day and then on to Philly, a friend’s wedding, a side trip down to Baltimore and back to Indianapolis for the final countdown. Egads!

I haven’t been using my computer, so I don’t have the photos from Arizona to upload, but will try to do that when there’s wireless this weekend.


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    A “Farewell Tour” – you should get t-shirts printed. -jrb

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