The farewell tour continues…

Well, I’m almost finished with the Philadelphia/grandma portion of this trip and looking forward to heading down to DC for friends and a wedding. I was going to type a whole thing, but the internet is being funky at Panera (thank god for them and kudos for the free wifi, which has turned out to be a much bigger incentive for me to visit their stores than the food (not that it isn’t good, too)). Some quick observations:

1) When Americans offer you tea, it is iced and really, super sweet. This is both odd and a little icky. Twice now, I have made this mistake.

2) People here look funny in shorts. I hadn’t realised that I’d stopped wearing them, like most people in Britain. Also, they’re super short and look a little hooker-ish. What up, style-less country?

3) Root beer is the best thing about the United States. Chicago isn’t bad, either.

4) Anyone remember when I moved to the UK and thought that the NHS perfunctory doctor style was tacky? Now it’s weird that they want to have a conversation about unrelated matters.

5) Top Gear should be added to the list (which also includes Duchess & Bill Bryson) of things that have been able to make me a little less funked.

6) I’m actually sick of talking about Peace Corps. And, duck it, I still would rather go to EE/CA and am secretly (well, maybe not so secretly now) not especially excited about leaving. I am hoping this changes and can stop envying the people who are going to Macedonia soon to do the same things that I am supposed to do in SA.

7) I’m still in grief mode and it sucks. I’m really tired of faking cheeriness, because no one would understand. I just want to go back to England and get a hug from the boy.


2 Responses to “The farewell tour continues…”

  1. the former Boy Says:

    American’s can’t make a proper cuppa (as a general rule) fact of life I thought you were well acquainted with. Surely I must have told you my Greenville SC tea anecdote several times (of which it was funny precisely no times).


  2. Jess Says:

    it’ll get better. just remember there are people who love you here too. and america isn’t so bad. had to learn that too after coming back from oz although i must say being there made me appreciate certain things here more.

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