New photos!

Well, I was wrong. France won. And apparently it was an even better match than the England-Australia one! If anyone sees fit to put it on a CD for me, I’d probably not mind seeing it…. South Africa did win today (*groan*), but I thought Fiji put in an amazing effort and even looked capable of taking the match for awhile.

I mostly just wanted to let you know that I’ve uploaded a few more photos on Flickr. Unfortunately, yesterday’s photo session means that my little host brothers won’t stop asking “Cata?”, which is apparently the verb for “take photo.” My Sepedi is fuzzy, but I DO know the word for “no” and it isn’t working! (Aowa, for the record.) And for some reason, one of them keeps asking for my glasses and asking how much they cost. I think he thinks that they’re a fashion accessory, despite both my and his grandmother’s explanations. Frankly, they’re kind of annoying. Boys! Ack.

So, here’s the family, minus Mma:
Gogo & the kids


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