Update on the site situation

Alright, Peace Corps came to visit, we talked and they’ve released me from working at the municipality. I am absolutely over the moon about this. Even better (as if it could get much better), I’ve been given permission to go looking for my own new site. I told my APCD (program director person) about a meeting that I had set up for January with an NGO that runs provincial and a national Model UN and I’m hoping to meet with them before then, now (have permission to go to Pretoria and everything). I’ve sent e-mails to everyone I can think of who might have contacts in South Africa and am open to suggestions! Although I love this family and I will continue to stay in contact and visit them, my APCD also gave me permission to move and I am really, really hoping to be a city girl again sometime in the next few months. I’ll keep you posted.


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